10 Things I Love #2

Time for 10 Things I Love…

10 Craft Projects I Love

1 ♥ Jewellery Box D.I.Y by A Beautiful Mess. This is a really cool idea, and a great way to store/display your jewellery. I’ve been using an old fruit crate as a shelf to store my perfume, but since moving my room around a little, I’ve taken this down. But this would be a great thing to try with it, and it means I can get more jewellery…

2 ♥ Tin Can Craft – this is something that my friend Ramona wants to do, and so I searched for it online and this was one of the ones I found. It’s so easy to do; you basically fill a tin can with water, freeze it, then you mark the design on the can…get a sharp object and a hammer, and hammer away! After, you just leave the can(s) out to let the water melt, and you’re good to go! You can put tea lights in them, and they’ll make a lovely reflection on the room around you. (In case you hadn’t realised, candles are a BIG love of mine!)

3 ♥ Jersey Necklace – such a great idea! It’s a good way to re-use old t-shirts that you don’t like any more, and you get a new necklace out of it!

4 ♥ Photo frame for many photographs – this is a really simple, easy idea, but I think the result looks so good! If you’re looking for a different way to display your photographs, then this is one for you.

5 ♥ Super Easy Chalkboard DIY – this is definitely something I want to try. I’ve become obsessed with chalkboards, and I am on the lookout for some chalkboard paint (yes, it does exist!!), and then I’ll be looking for something to paint…so this is a good idea. I’ve seen some chalkboard WALLS! They are so cool. But for now, here you go:

6 ♥ DIY Headband – this looks really easy to make, and it’s effortless style for those days when you can’t be bothered to put a lot of effort into your hair!

7 ♥ Lace Lamp – wow. I absolutely love this DIY, it looks so pretty, yet it seems so simple to make! It is going on my list of craft projects, and I really want to do it, as I have a simple lampshade in my room that is a bit dull…and this would look beautiful! Let me know if you give this a try, I’d love to know how it turned out!

8 ♥ Felt Flower Pillow – this looks adorable, and seeing as I have a small collection of cushions on my bed, I might give this a whirl when I have some time. It might take a bit of time to do…but if you love cushions, hopefully it’ll be worth it!

9 ♥ T-Shirt Refashion – this is a simple way to update a t-shirt, and it makes a plain t-shirt a lot more funky. Give it a try! You can also make many variations of this, so let your imagination be your guide.

10 ♥ Poetry painting – this would be a great way to display your favourite poem, and I simply love it. If I were to make one myself, I’d probably make the canvas a lot smaller for now, as I already have a lot of things on my walls in my room…but it would be a lovely addition!

I hope you have enjoyed these ideas, and if you go ahead and make any of them yourself, please, please, please post a comment to let me know how it went, and if you have a home on the internet, and decide to post the results, leave a link – I really would love to see it! Hope you’ve all been having a very happy Tuesday.

2 thoughts on “10 Things I Love #2

  1. Lots of eye candy for the DIY-er. (Is that a word?!) I was thinking of combining two of your projects–the framed chalkboard AND the large poetry hanging. I thought it would make a great headboard. I could change the poetry, quote, etc for different seasons. Fun post!

    • Thank you, I had a lot of fun collecting them all and feeling inspired when I read all the how-to’s :) That sounds like a great idea! I hope you’ll post it if you make it?

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